Food for Thought: Broadening IT Horizons

October 19th, 2010 | Food for Thought | No Comments »

There’s been a lot of talk recently about companies blending roles between business and Information Technology departments. In a nutshell, many managers and CIO’s are attempting to create more flexible career paths, encouraging IT professionals to develop a business sense and introducing business professionals to an IT environment.

It’s an intriguing concept that has left many people asking for the logic behind it. Quite simply, in the past, there has been a seemingly impenetrable wall separating IT from business, and it is often difficult to find someone to bridge that gap and communicate well with people on both sides. But that wall seems to be crumbling with this new strategy.

Basically, instead of hiring strictly IT workers with specific job descriptions and tight requirements, companies are hiring for versatile, flexible positions. Business people are hired and are exposed to and gain experience with technology. CIO’s explain that this brings new eyes and fresh ideas to IT departments, as well as allowing more opportunity for career growth in these positions.

Presumably, this technique won’t work for highly technical IT roles, where in-depth knowledge of languages, systems, and more is essential. However, it is an interesting strategy that certainly opens doors for future changes in IT education, entry level positions, and management.

What are your thoughts about blending IT and business?

Clare Webster – Marketing Director at Ashley Ellis