Food for Thought: Choosing a Staffing Firm

November 30th, 2010 | Food for Thought | No Comments »

There’s no doubt that using a staffing/recruiting firm greatly broadens the candidate pool for your open positions, turning up outstanding people you didn’t even know existed. But all staffing firms were not created equal. So how do you know which one can fulfill your hiring goals?

The only way a firm can find you the perfect candidate is if they know what you’re looking for. This goes beyond mere technical skills. Your company has its own unique culture, people, environment, and values, and the best candidate will have a personality and values that align with these. The firm that can find this best candidate is the one that gets to know you and your company in detail. If they don’t ask these kind of questions from the beginning, chances are they won’t find you the people you need.

Are they focused on quality or quantity? It’s easy enough to advertise a position online and forward every qualifying resume to your inbox. And perhaps there will be an awesome candidate in that mountain of resumes, but the right staffing/recruiting firm won’t leave that for you to figure out alone. A quality- focused firm goes above and beyond Internet advertising, and actively searches out quality people who they believe will be a great fit in your company, and only introduces you to the best.

The right recruiter will work hard to establish a long-term relationship with you. They’ll give you all the hiring advice you need, and will maintain an entirely open conversation about every candidate. The best of them will create a partnership with you. How are you connecting with your recruiter?

Clare Saumell – Marketing Director at Ashley Ellis