Daily Employer Tips: Weekly Round-Up

December 30th, 2010 | Hiring Resources | No Comments »

Here’s a round up of the week’s worth of daily employer tips, plus an extra tip about personality.

Personality is Key

So, you’ve found a candidate who has every technical skill you require – they can do the job perfectly! But the key question is, do they fit into your company culture? Even a candidate who seems technically perfect may not get along with your team, may be distracting to his co-workers, may falter under your management style, or may be too quiet or overpowering for your workplace. Determine what kinds of personalities are most effective in your work environment, and make sure your candidate’s attitude and personality match.

Candidate Employment Gaps

Do employment gaps mean couch-potato candidates? Not necessarily. It’s important to be wary of employment gaps on resumes, since it’s easy for candidates to lose their technical skills over time. But if everything else looks good, don’t make assumptions. The candidate may have filled that time with classes, volunteer work, side projects, freelancing work or more that they were unsure about including on their resume…
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Easing Your Candidate’s Nerves

How long has it been since you were the interviewee? Do you remember how nerve-racking it is? Ease your candidate’s nervousness by being conversational and friendly. Start your interview by offering refreshments and making small talk. Find some kind of commonality with the candidate, so they feel they can connect with you better…
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Required Vs. Desired Skills

When every technology seems to be related to the next, it’s easy to keep expanding that list of technical requirements on your open positions. But it’ll be a fight to find someone with absolutely every skill and experience you want. Keep an image of your ideal candidate in mind, but focus on the realistic… Read more.

Know What You Want

So you know you need to fill a position, but have you defined exactly what it is you need in a new employee? It may seem like commonsense, but all too often, people start aimlessly searching through resumes before they’ve determined desired hard and soft skills and personality attributes. It will be significantly easier to narrow down candidates if you first know what you want… Read more.