Holiday Job Search: No one’s hiring, right?

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With all the flashy decorations, tipsy parties, and gift giving, it’s all too tempting to put your job search on hold for the holidays. And it’s all too easy to justify that job search break by believing the myth that no employers are hiring over the holidays anyway. Don’t fall victim to that myth! December is one of the most productive months for dedicated job seekers. Here’s why.

Less Competition

No matter how many people we urge to keep job searching through the holidays, there will always be a significant number of people who want a break and choose to believe the myth. Therefore, the number of active job seekers decreases, meaning that much of your competition has dropped out. For once, you’ll actually have a leg to stand on in an otherwise crowded job seeker market.

Slow Down

Most businesses experience an end-of-year slow down, and with this lighter schedule, executives and hiring managers have more time to focus on hiring and interviews. So there’s more attention to give and – thanks to vacationing job seekers – fewer people to give it to, and, ultimately, a greater chance you’ll get noticed.

Future Focused

Businesses will also start spending some of their newly found free time gearing up for the New Year. With new budgets and positive economic predictions, businesses want to put the pieces in place in time for new growth and projects. If they’re going to hire, they’ll do it now while they’re ahead.

Jumping January

January is the biggest hiring month of the year, but many of the interviews that lead to this occur in December. So keep sending those resumes out and preparing hard for interviews, and don’t drop the ball now!

Left Over Cash

If businesses have money in the budget left over at the end of the year, they’re often faced with a use-it-or-lose-it dilemma, plus the fear of a decreased budget in the future as a consequence of not using it. Many will choose to put that money into the hiring process, so take advantage!

Holiday Festivities

Another great reason for not taking a break from job seeking is because of all the networking opportunities this month! Holiday parties with friends, families, networking and community groups and more will provide you with useful chances to connect with people you haven’t seen in a while, find out about hiring opportunities, and generally get your name out there. So grab a drink, and get talking!

Keep Rolling

The biggest reason to continue job searching through the holidays is to maintain momentum. It’s tough to pick up where you left off after a long break, so if you do stop, your pause is essentially also a step back in your job search efforts. Even if you simply slow down during December, just make sure to keep the ball rolling.

Clearly, the holidays are not an excuse to take an extended break from job seeking. Employers are still hiring and even have more time and motivation to do so. Stay ahead of your competition and keep plowing through!

~Clare Saumell – Marketing Director at Ashley Ellis

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