Daily Job Seeker Tips: Weekly Round Up

December 30th, 2010 | Interviewing, Job Search, Resume, Salary | No Comments »

Here’s a round up of the week’s worth of job seeker tips, plus one extra about resume objectives.

Spicy Objectives

The objective on a resume is like that bowl of chips and salsa at a restaurant. You eat it up without even paying attention before moving onto the main course. Make your objective stand out by spicing it up! Make them pay attention to you! Be creative and bold, and tell them exactly what you can bring to the table and why they should hire you. Keep it brief and concise, but steer away from the cookie cutter objectives that litter the Internet.

Thank you notes

After a job interview, the employer wants to know that you’re truly interested before they offer you the next step. A thank you note to them not only highlights your continued interest, it’s also shows initiative and a friendly personality.  Read more.

What’s Your Weakness?

Hate the “what’s your biggest weakness” interview question? Translate it into “what’s an area of improvement you are currently working on and how?” It’s a little easier to answer, and less intimidating. It can be naturally uncomfortable to talk, and even think about your weaknesses in an interview, because it feels like admitting to a reason not to hire you. Read more.

Salary Expectations

It’s tempting to hike up that salary number in an interview with the goal of creating negotiation wiggle room. However, in 99% of all cases, this is a big mistake. Instead of landing your dream job with a big check, all you’ll succeeding in doing is coming across as money motivated. Read more.

Extracurricular Technology

When you think of volunteering, do you think of animal shelters and nursing homes? While these might be great causes for your good will, there are volunteer opportunities out there that will cater to your love of technology. Read more.