An Eye on IT Employment: Happy New Year to the IT World

January 4th, 2011 | Industry News | No Comments »

The fireworks and festivities that brought in the New Year were not only a toast to the future, but also a celebratory goodbye to what was, despite everything, a positive and overall successful 2010 for the IT world. 2010 came shaking its fists and fighting tough after a rocky 2009, and while IT employment has not yet fully rebounded, glimmers of hope remain strong.

End of year hiring was slower than expected, yet demand for IT skills is higher than ever. Analysts and surveys alike agree that demand for skills in networking and mobile technology is trending across the nation, sparking from new projects and forward-thinking CIO’s.

General confidence and optimism in company prospects for IT growth and hiring remains high, and few hiring and IT managers foresee cutbacks in their future. It appears that the biggest challenge for IT employment is finding qualified IT professionals to fill open positions. The candidate pool has shrunk just enough over the past year to make locating such professionals significantly more difficult.

The biggest worry for 2011 is that many companies will turn to offshore outsourcing for many of their needs. Considering the recent increase in demand for IT skills in conjunction with recent lower than expecting IT hiring, this fear may not be irrational. It can only be hoped that IT managers realize that by outsourcing low level IT positions, the pool for future senior level candidates decreases.

Ultimately, however, IT employment is still thriving in comparison to current national employment levels, having added close to 50,000 jobs during the past year. So, here’s to a successful 2011 in IT employment. Cheers!

Source: TechServe Alliance, Dice, and Computerworld