Daily Employer Tips: Cover Letters

February 10th, 2011 | Hiring Resources | No Comments »

The cover letter is dying in the IT world, there’s no denying it. Typical IT professionals are not writers, and typical IT hiring managers are inundated with way too many applications to even touch any attached cover letters. But the practice isn’t entirely out the window yet, and there is still some value to reading them. Plus, most candidates will at least write out a sentence or two when attaching their resume in an email to you, and these provide the same value as a cover letter. Depending on the position you’re hiring for, you probably don’t care too much about spelling or grammar issues, but the writing is usually a good clue to the communication skills of a candidate. As for the actual content of the letter, it’s not uncommon to find details that may be the deciding factor in choosing whether or not to interview them, which could be a big time saver for you. Don’t worry about reading every cover letter with every resume, though. If the resume is weak, the cover letter probably won’t change your mind, so save time by only reading those that accompany strong resumes.