Daily Job Seeker Tip: Explaining Termination in an Interview

February 8th, 2011 | Interviewing | No Comments »


So you were fired. Laid off. Let go. And now you have an interview, where it’s probably pretty likely you’ll be asked why you left your last position. What do you say?

The most important thing to remember is not to bash and blame the company, your boss, or other coworkers. Avoid rambling and complaining. Take full responsibility and learn what you can from the experience. Get to a point where you’re comfortable with what happened, so that you’re comfortable in giving an answer.

Keep your explanation brief and describe what you learned both from the experience and from the position and company itself. It’s perfectly understandable that not every job is right for everyone, and that there will often be differences between employees and employers. So stay objective in your answer and reasoning, and your interviewer should understand your perspective.

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