Job Seeker Tip: Multiple Interviewers

Who will you look at? It’s not uncommon for two or more people to interview you at once.

Maybe they’re from different departments, or maybe one will ask the questions while the other will watch your body language. Whatever the reason for there being multiple interviewers, it can make your interview just a little more challenging if you’re not sure how to handle it.

First, make sure you bring multiple copies of your resume, just in case. No matter who asks you a question, balance your eye contact and attention between each interviewer, so it doesn’t seem like you’re ignoring someone.

Treat each interviewer the same, even if they choose to conduct a good-cop-bad-cop type routine – they are ultimately working together. Make sure you know everyone’s name, and thank each of them by name at the end of your interview.

Finally, send every interviewer a personalized thank you card or letter.

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