Are You Paid What You’re Worth?

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2011 IT Salary Analysis

Economically speaking, the IT industry did not plummet anywhere near as much as other industries. And now, the IT industry and IT employment is not only picking up, it’s shifting towards a whole new dynamic. The question is, are IT salaries headed in the same positive direction?

The Dice 2010-11 Tech Salary Survey Results help us understand more.

According to this Dice report, while 49% of IT professionals saw salary increases in 2010 compared to just 36% the previous year, the average increase was just 0.7%, a similar increase as the previous year. Essentially then, tech salaries have remained flat for two straight years.

A significant number of professionals anticipate making more money in 2011 if they change employers, suggesting a belief that these low numbers won’t maintain this flat in 2011.

Tom Silver, Senior Vice President, North America at Dice says, “Companies can no longer get away with paltry salary increases for their technology staffs based on the demand we are seeing for talent.”

Obviously, there are several factors accountable for various ranges of salaries. We’ve found that the most important of these are experience, company size, geographic location, and job title and the associated technical skills. This Dice Report reviews the salary ranges for each of these factors, as follows:

Salary vs. Title

Salary vs. Technology

Salary vs. Company Size

Salary vs. Experience

Salary vs. Metro

What do you think? Do you anticipate a good year for IT salaries?

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