Daily Job Search Tip: Prepare for Pre-Employment Tests

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How to handle pre-employment testing in the job interview

In the IT industry, technology tests and screenings are very common. They are used to determine your exact technical aptitude, so you should definitely be ready for these. However, some companies also administer pre-employment tests to determine if your personality and attitude will be a good fit for the company and position.

Hopefully you will be warned in advance of these tests, but even if you’re not, the most important thing is to remain positive and calm about these tests. Since these tests are used to figure out if you’ll be a good cultural fit, they can also be of advantage to you. You don’t want to end up unhappy and unsuccessful in a place where you’re not a good fit, so make sure you answer these questions honestly; there are no “right” answers. Read the instructions and each question carefully, and be aware of any time limits.

Good luck!

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