Daily Job Search Tip: Resume Keywords

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Using Resume Keywords to Unlock Your Job Search Success

Even though you spent over an hour or even a day writing your resume, the people reading it won’t afford it the same amount of time. Plus, the people reading aren’t always in the same career field, and their lesser technical knowledge leads them to picking out keywords. So how to you cater to these people in your resume?

Without making your resume completely illegible, put plenty of emphasis on keywords. Focus on job titles, applicable skills, and important aspects of the job descriptions. For some easy hints at what keywords are most important, take a look at the job ad for the position you’re applying to. The job ad will give you a clue as to the main skills and job descriptions, providing you with the exact keywords you need. Just make sure the keywords you focus on are an accurate description of your experience; you don’t want to make yourself out to be someone you’re not, just for the sake of using keywords.

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