Daily Job Search Tip: Asking for the Job

April 8th, 2011 | Interviewing | No Comments »

Taking the Next Step with the Big Question: Asking for the job in the interview

Imagine having just been on a first date with that special someone. You’re unlikely to ask your date out for a second date unless you know they liked you enough to say yes. Right?

When it comes to interviews, the scenario is strangely similar. One of the biggest reasons employers don’t offer people the job directly at the end of the interview is that they don’t know for sure if they’ll accept. Even if the interview went great, the interviewer can rarely be sure if you actually like the company and can see yourself working there.

The solution? Tell them the opportunity sounds great. You can totally see yourself working there. Ask them what the next step is. Make it clear that you’d willingly accept an offer to work there. No matter how you approach it, your interest will spark theirs.

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