Daily Job Search Tip: Email Practices

April 6th, 2011 | Job Search | No Comments »

The Place of Email in Your Job Search

Do you frequently get distracted by incoming emails from friends and family while you’re supposed to focused on your job search? Create a new free email account that you use only for your job search activities. Don’t share it with anyone other than the companies you’re applying to, and keep only this account open on your desktop during job search hours.

Additionally, check your email at least three times a day, preferably morning, noon, and night. Your goal is to reply promptly to any incoming mail from recruiters and employers. Checking regularly ensures you’ll always follow common courtesy in your promptness and showcase your efficiency and timeliness.

Finally, when sending email, be as relevant as you can in your subject line so hiring managers know exactly what to expect in your email. Keep the email short and sweet, and always double-check your spelling and grammar. Sign off professionally.

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