Daily Job Search Tip: The knight in shining armor

April 12th, 2011 | Job Search, Resume | 1 Comment »

Solve a company’s challenges before you even get the job!

Wondering how you can customize your resume to a particular employer and appear as their knight in shining armor? A great way to do this is by understanding what challenges a company may have and providing your own ideas to solve those issues. How can you figure out these problems?

It might be hard to find out the challenges of a specific company, but it’s easier to figure it out for the company’s industry. Maybe their industry is struggling in the economy, or maybe their industry is changing significantly with new technology.

Once you’ve determined what potential challenges this company has, your resume and listed skills should suggest how you could help solve those challenges. Use your past experience and skills to show how you can help this company grow and succeed. This will help you stand out as a candidate and make your skills and experience highly attractive.

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