Daily Job Search Tips: The most important parts of your resume

April 18th, 2011 | Resume | No Comments »

Are you paying attention to the details in your resume?

It’s easy to research basic resume templates online and follow a general format, but are you paying attention to how your format is affected by the content of your resume?

It’s seems like a simple difference, but there is a distinction between bolding your job title instead of bolding your employer’s name – in most cases, who you are is more important than who you worked for.

Or between listing skills in order of your proficiency or importance instead of alphabetically – people want to know what makes you most valuable; they don’t care about everything else.

Or between putting the most recent work experience before relevant education – your most recent lessons come from your most recent experience, not school.

These are simple choices but they really do make a difference to how someone reads your resume. Pay close attention to every detail of your resume in order to have the maximum impact.

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