Poaching Becomes Popular Tactic of IT War

April 21st, 2011 | Industry News | No Comments »

TechServe Alliance reports continued positive growth in IT employment, with a 4.3% year-over-year growth and an incredible 14th consecutive month-over-month increase. Those 14 months have seen the addition of over 180,000 jobs, bringing IT employment close to four million jobs across the nation.

This news is reassuring as some companies are still pushing their way out of recession-related ruts. However, the IT Talent War rages on as many of these jobs are left unfilled due to decreased numbers of qualified, available IT professionals.

Even massive organizations are feeling the sting, and companies like Google and Facebook have been plastered over multiple news sites for poaching valuable IT people. According to Dice.com, over half of all surveyed hiring managers expect that tech talent poaching will become ever more aggressive over the next year. Only a measly 3% don’t think poaching will be a problem.

Dice advises employers to focus on retention efforts and keep an eye out for employees who look like they may “jump ship.” Some of the most popular retention tactics include flexible hours, opportunities to work on new technology, increased salaries or bonuses, and a better career path or promotion.