You Are Not Alone


Sure, the economy’s shaping up and job availability is skyrocketing. Yeah, mastery of social media should find you a job in a nano-second. Yup, who needs job boards when you’ve got the social skills of Justin Bieber?

Um, well, the truth is, even if you have all those things, the job search can get hard. And it’s easier than you’re willing to admit to fall into a job search rut and hit rock bottom.

Maybe money’s tight. Maybe your spouse or even your mom is bugging you. Maybe you’re bored out of your mind stuck at home.

But before you succumb to pajamas, daytime TV, and a Bud Light at 11am because the job search has just gotten too much, know that you are not alone.

Symptoms of the Rut

The job search rut may leave you feeling depressed, apathetic, negative, cynical, isolated, and unmotivated. You don’t feel like you’re supported, and the pressure is just too much. You feel like you’ve lost control, and the monotony of it all has your eyes glazed over.

The Dangerous Part

Self Pity. It is so easy once you’re down to wallow in it. To eat, drink, smoke, sleep, watch TV… and feel bad about yourself the whole time. It’s really easy to just say, “leave me alone,” to anyone who asks. The dangerous part is to stay in this stage of the rut for too long.

Too long and you’ll have a hard time getting back into the job search and a rough time explaining that long unemployment gap to potential employers. Too long and you’ll begin the fatal spiral into full on depression.

It may seem like the hardest thing in the world, but get up from the couch now and get yourself out of this rut.

Rut Recovery

1. Misery Loves Company. You may want more proof that you’re not alone in this job seeking madness, but be careful of the job seeking networks you join. Many of them are filled with the same negative feelings that will just bring you back down again.

2. Healthy in Body, Mind, and Job Search. Take a run to release the endorphins and eat something healthy to avoid crashing from sugar rushes. These will both get you thinking clearly and more positively. Which will help you more clearly formulate your job search tactics.

3. The Sky’s the Limit. Don’t limit your job search to one avenue. If your eyes are stuck to the same website for hours on end, you’re going to get bored and unmotivated fast. Keep job boards to a minimum and stay motivated by researching careers with companies that sound interesting.

4. Timing is everything. Try to treat your job search like a job and give yourself specific hours to confine your work. If you’re job searching at all hours of the day, you’ll be on your way to a quick burn out. Give yourself a break and take the opportunity to develop some time management skills.

5. Keep an open mind. This is vague on purpose. Keeping an open mind means staying positive. It means talking to the people in your life around you about how you’re feeling and what you’re doing. It means opening doors to opportunities you may never have entertained before.

Over and Out

So yeah, the economy is improving, social media can be very valuable, and networking will often open your door to new opportunities. But when the job search has got you down and you couldn’t care less about any of these things, it’s time to pick yourself up and realize you’re not alone in those feelings.

You are not alone.

So how do you get out of that job search rut?

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2 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone

  1. Good article keep them coming!
    This MIGHT sound like the same advice at first but LISTEN… I got the cobwebs off the weight set and got into a routine, then started doing the treadmill while watching Netflix I made sure I had SOME routine before the kids got up, just to keep feeling ‘up’. I also bought art supplies and gave myself a break, started painting and drawing again. I took my resumes OFF the job sites for one week or two then made them public again, started using Indeed more for fresher leads. taking breaks to read to my toddler helped -I even took the odd day off and took some time off to spend with him.

    The TOUGHEST thing I had to hear was from my own friends who said I ought to just take ANY work I could get when freelancing wasn’t paying the bills enough -BTW freelancing profitable or not keeps you active -try doing some work Gratis if you want compliant customers to let you try new things out with.

    THEN It happened… I DID land a contract. It pays to NOT GIVE UP! I’ll earn in more 4 months what takes a year to earn in minimum wage for a year. It’s not all roses -all work is stressful -the next challenge is to overcome a type of post traumatic stress and stay focused. I am even mentally preparing myself if this gig does NOT work out….but I know I will keep fighting.

  2. Wow, great story Evan. Sounds like you did a great job staying out of the job search rut and not giving up. This is an excellent example of how job seekers are not alone in the troubles of their job search, and that they should keep plowing through.

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