Job Search Tip: Achievements Vs. Responsibilities

August 22nd, 2011 | Resume | No Comments »

It’s typical on a resume to make a series of bullet points that list your responsibilities in previous positions. However, what many people don’t realize is how little this can sometimes mean. Why? Because anyone with the same basic skills could probably have taken on the exact same responsibilities, setting you apart from no one. The real question is, were you successful at those responsibilities? What did you achieve through those responsibilities?

To really set yourself above all the other candidates out there, focus those bullet points on your achievements rather than the basic responsibilities behind them. For example, maybe you developed a mobile application for a company. Sure, anyone can do that. But if that mobile application you developed was so successful that it’s still used today by hundreds or thousands of users and helped increased business by 10%, then make sure your resume says so! Maybe you helped your department become more efficient, increased the functionality of your company’s software, or created a highly successful solution to a problem. Whatever you’ve done, make sure you highlight the difference between the foundational responsibilities and the achievements you accomplished on top of those.

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