Job Search Tip: Getting an “In” at a Company

August 15th, 2011 | Job Search | No Comments »

Did you know the large majority of jobs are filled through a referral? Whether it’s a friend, friend of a friend, friend of a friend of a family member, or someone you met randomly on the street, train, or plane, referrals can be your golden ticket to your dream career. An excellent tool to get this “in” at a company can be LinkedIn, the professional social network.

Continue to build your network by making connections with people in the same field as yourself and with hiring authorities or company executives. “Follow” companies that look interesting to you on a regular basis. Then, when you click on the companies you follow, LinkedIn will tell who you’re connected to that works there or knows someone who works there.

From there, you can send a message to your connections to get more information about the company and inquire about any open positions. Try to be friendly and yet brief, as you want to avoid accidentally looking too desperate or stalker-like!

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