Job Search Tip: Proof Reading

August 10th, 2011 | Resume | No Comments »

The debate’s still out there on how much spelling or grammatical errors matter on a résumé or cover letter. Some hiring authorities say that unless you’re applying to be an editor or something similar, a couple of errors don’t make a difference to your ability to do a great job. But the truth is, you never know if the person you’re sending your résumé to agrees with this or not. And so, the simple solution is to always proof read every word you write on an application.

And don’t just rely on spell check, as often a misspelled word may still actually be a word, just not the one you wanted. Read slowly a few times through a printed version of your resume (it’s harder to catch errors on a computer screen), and even read it aloud or backwards, to make sure you catch all the errors. Or, hand a copy to someone you know has a great grasp of grammar and spelling. Whatever you do, make sure everything is error-free to guarantee your best chance for your dream career.