Job Search Tip: References

August 24th, 2011 | References | No Comments »

Here are a few quick tips in gathering a glowing reference list to set you apart from your competition.

1. Make sure you tell your references you’re using them as a reference! No one likes to be caught off guard, and you want your references to appear professional and ready to represent you, rather than flustered and confused.

2. A previous boss can be a great reference, but if you feel anxious about asking them or you weren’t on the best of terms, ask a supervisor or manager instead of the Big Boss. This way, you’ll still have an authority figure who can talk directly about your performance.

3. Customize your reference list to the job you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying for a management position, it would be a good idea to list someone you has worked under your management before, in addition to your own previous manager.

4. Make your reference list easy for your prospective employer. Include as many details about your references as possible, including a phone number, email address, description of relationship, and best time of day to reach them. This will set you apart from candidates who provide only a phone number and nothing else for hard-to-reach references.

5. Thank your references! Make sure you show your gratitude for your references, so that they will continue to be a good reference for future opportunities. If you don’t show your appreciation, you may end up with a reference who speaks more negatively about you, or refuses to be a reference ever again.