Job Search Tip: Listing Hobbies on your Résumé

August 9th, 2011 | Resume | No Comments »

Are you still listing hobbies on your résumé? It’s one of those old résumé habits that many people still cling onto, but unless your hobbies and interests relate to the job or company you’re applying for, those hobbies rarely do much but take up space.

With the little amount of time hiring managers spend reading résumés, hobby lists are usually ignored, especially if they’re completely extraneous to the job. If your résumé’s already pretty long, adding a whole new section listing hobbies and interests can be detrimental.

So the general advice is to skip the hobby section on your résumé. If the company you’re applying for prefers people who have hobbies, they will usually ask during an interview. If you’re insistent on the hobby section, keep it to relevant interests that relate to the job. For example, if you’re applying for a programming position, you could prove your passion for your work by mentioning that coding is a hobby of yours.