Job Search Tip: Multi-Personality Job Search

September 9th, 2011 | Job Search | No Comments »

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the job search, you might feel by now that you’ve somehow developed multi-personality syndrome. Every time the phone rings, you have to think about which persona to focus on, and the same for every email, meeting, and social gathering. Why? Because in today’s job search, you have 3 main sources of “you.” In particular, these are, the you in person, the you on your resume, and the you online.

Of course, you want be authentic, but these three versions of you are portrayed over such different mediums, that you have to be really careful that they don’t contradict each other. Manage all three so that you appear professional and personable. For example, many people get caught up in the false anonymity of the web; be careful what links you post, comments you write, etc, which may reflect back to your online public profile.