Job Search Tip: Show Don’t Tell

Chances are, you’ve got all your answers figured out to questions like, what are your strengths and weaknesses. But even if your answer is really great, you might be missing out on something essential that can make it even better.

So what’s the secret ingredient? Simple, show your answer, instead of just telling it. No, you don’t have to act it out in a game of charades! But a solid example of your strength or weakness in play in your previous workplace can make all the difference in the world.

Say your strength is that you’re a great team player. Okay, that’s fine, but anyone could be a great team player. How do you make this strength unique? Make your strength applicable and give an example of an important project you worked on as a team, explain your role in the team, and recount the success of the project as a result.

When you show how your answers hold up in real life, you make them much more memorable, and you’ll definitely stand out from all the other candidates.

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