Job Search Tip: Socialize your Interviews

Not literally of course. An interview isn’t an opportunity for a heart felt conversation over drinks. However, it is a good idea to get your know your interviewer as much as you can before you even get to interview. Without being a creepy stalker, that is.

Instead of going the creep route, search for your interviewer on several social media outlets. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn, and keep an eye out for links they post, statuses that mention their activities, and anything they post about work. Learning these things will make you feel more comfortable in the interview, as your interviewer will be less of a stranger. Plus, if the moment is right, and it relates to your conversation, don’t be afraid to mention you noticed a particular status or link that caught your eye.

Need an example? Perhaps you’re talking about company culture and the team environment. Maybe you saw an update from your interviewer that described a fun company event recently. You could say something like, “I happened to notice on LinkedIn that you recently had a company outing to the Cubs game. It sounds like you have a really close-knit group. What’s your team dynamic like?” Make sense?

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