Job Search Tip: Picking up your career where you left off

There are many reasons for a break in your career, whether personal or professional. But no matter why you left your last job, the real challenge is in conquering that employment gap and picking up your career where you left off. Here are a few tips.

1. Evaluate your career goals. Are your professional goals really the same as they were months or years ago? People change, and whatever occurred to result in that employment gap may have changed you even more. Do you view your career in the same light, or are you heading in a new, unknown direction? Even defining a loose framework for your future goals will help you in jumping back into your career.

2. Stay up to date. While some industries move faster than others, it’s a good idea either way to refresh yourself with industry news and trends. Look into industry publications, online news, and company websites. Also, keep networking with people and leaders in the industry, whether at events or online via social networking platforms.

3. Be confident. It’s natural to be nervous when you start searching and interviewing and even when you start your first day after all that time off. But if you have confidence in yourself and your ability to pick your career back up effectively, the more quickly you’ll be re-oriented and comfortable in your career path.

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