Job Search Tip: Tell me about yourself

It’s one of those dreaded interview questions that seems inevitable. Why is it dreaded? Probably because it’s one of the most vague questions there is, and it’s hard to know what the interviewer is expecting in response. So how will you answer?

Hopefully, you already know that this question should never be answered with nitty gritty details about your life, childhood, personal hobbies, your dislike for your previous boss, or the returned question, “what do you want to know?”

Instead, you want to give a brief introduction to yourself as a professional, and ultimately match your skills and goals with their needs. Explain – again, briefly – about your most recent work and why you’d be a great fit for this job. Do your research about the company to find out what they’re interested in. Then you can make sure you highlight the right skills and personality traits. Remember, as an interviewer, they’re more interested in you as a potential employee than you as a person. However, also remember that your goal is to stand out from all the other candidates answering the same question.

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