Job Search Tip: Tips for telecommuting

There is a recent trend towards telecommuting that seems to be growing steadily, the reasons for which range from a sense of environmentalism to work-life balance and more. It appears like a great perk to any job, but the problem is, not everyone is cut out for it, and if you’re new to the practice of telecommuting, it may be harder than you first thought. If you find yourself faced with the option of working from home, make sure you consider the following points.

Dealing with Distractions. Sure, you no longer have to deal with that annoying coworker hanging over your shoulder, but now you have your pets, kids, dishes, mailman, neighbor’s music, and the tempting TV to distract you. Make sure wherever you’re working is a quiet space that keeps you as far from those distractions as possible.

Keeping Communicating. Telecommuting means less face-time with your coworkers and less supervision from your boss. This lack of interaction can be a problem for some people who are motivated by a team environment. For others, a quiet, distraction-free space is best. Either way, make sure you keep in frequent contact with your boss or team members. Some companies implement frequent Skype sessions for those who work from home, but even just frequent emails and especially phone calls can help.

Drawing the Line. Once you start working from home, you no longer have a strict boundary between where work and home life begin and end. It’s important for both to make a clear distinction. If you start doing chores while you’re on a conference call or watching the kids while in the middle of a project, your work will suffer. Likewise, finishing up that project at the dinner table or working all hours of the night may become a problem in your home life. Make yourself a work schedule you can stick to and draw the line between home and work activities.

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