A quick word about social networking in the job search

December 29th, 2011 | Job Search | No Comments »

Social networking is growing each and every day, but there are still a lot of job seekers out there who are avoiding it, saying it’s confusing, a passing fad, or not worth the time. But the truth is, there are so many opportunities in this world, and social networking helps us to reach a larger audience and make the world a smaller place. And ultimately, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Meetups, and more can really make a huge difference in the job search.

But why? Why put the time into social networking during your job search?

Simply, because there are a lot of hidden opportunities out there that only surface in the world of social media. Surprisingly, very few companies actually advertise their open positions on typical online job boards. Instead, they may tweet about it, or post it on another social network.

The fast paced world of social media caters perfectly to an employer’s sense of urgency in filling a position. Plus, those job seekers who effectively and efficiently use social media in their job search are typically more tech-savvy than their job-board-dwelling counterparts.

For these reasons, it’s important to stay on top of your social networking sites. The world is constantly changing and growing, and social networking is becoming more and more useful and common. Who knows, maybe your next opportunity is only a tweet away.

-By Tina Lopez