Resume Rules you CANNOT Break!

January 16th, 2012 | Resume | No Comments »

Your resume is the first impression you give a recruiter or hiring manager. Even things as little as the name of your document to the length of the resume are things you can be sure they’ll notice. To increase your chances of landing an interview, make sure you follow these three resume rules.

Avoid Embellishments – It may be tempting to exaggerate just how many years you have of a particular skill, but fabrications like this would be a big mistake. Many companies have practical tests to see how advanced your skills are, so any embellishments will catch up to you in the end. Make sure all your information is current and correct, from your address to your skill sets.

Do not write a book – Your resume is supposed to be a summary of your skills and experience. It is not supposed to be a play by play commentary of each position you have held since high school. On the other hand, details of the important tasks in your previous positions are essential. While a ten-page resume will barely be glanced at, being too vague does not give the hiring managers a good idea of what you did at your last jobs.

Multiple methods of contact – Many people list their email addresses on their resume as the only form of contact, and then only check their emails every couple days. Unfortunately, the chances of them missing a great opportunity this way are very high. Make sure there are at least two ways someone can contact you on your resume, preferably a phone number in addition to your email address. Do not let lack of communication be the reason you don’t get an interview.

Let your first impression be flawless. Proofread your resume and follow these rules to create the best representation of your successes. A well constructed resume should get your foot in the door, and then you can knock them dead with your personality in the interview. Good Luck!

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-By Layla Nourahmadi