5 Things You Should Do Before an Interview

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You’ve probably spent plenty of time preparing for what to do during an interview, such as rehearsing answers to common interview questions; but are you actually 100% ready? Don’t forget to take care of these 5 things before you leave for the office.

Study the Company – It’s easy enough to glance over a company’s website to get acquainted with what they do, but that won’t be enough to make you stand out from other candidates. Show an interviewer that you’ve gone above and beyond by researching the company’s current events. This includes press releases and any information from news articles, as well.

Whether the news is about their recent growth, new acquisitions, promoted executives or something else, you’ll be able to make a great impression when you ask something like how that news makes a difference on the future of a career with the company. Proof that you’ve done your research will portray your interest in the position, which may help you move onto the next step in the hiring process.

Gather Your Interview Tools – What will you need in an interview? When scheduling the appointment with the interviewer, ask if you need to bring anything besides yourself. Even if the answer is “nothing,” make sure you bring a folder or portfolio with some copies of your resume and references, and a pen and note paper.

It’s also a good plan to gather any “emergency” interview preparation items in your car or purse, such as a hairbrush, lint roller, deodorant, and other last minute items you may need before heading into the office.

Dress Appropriately – It is crucial for you to look the part during your interview. It’s a great idea to find out beforehand what kind of dress code a company abides by; not all interviewers expect you to show up in a suit and tie, so do your homework first.

Your clothing and general appearance play a significant role in the first impression you give an interviewer, so you want to look professional and clean cut, no matter what you’re wearing. Lay out your interview outfit before the big day, and ensure that it’s clean and free of loose threads or lint.

Know your Resume – Your resume represents your entire work history, so make sure you know it inside out before you enter that interview. You should be able to answer any question regarding its contents in depth if needed.

If you appear hesitant about your work history, responsibilities or skills, you may come across as an unreliable candidate. If it’s been a while since you’ve actually read the details of your resume, make a point to study it before the interview.

Be Yourself – The most important tip to follow before an interview is to commit to being yourself. It’s easy when preparing your answers to common interview questions to assume an adjusted personality that you think will make a better impression.

However, a good interviewer will be able to tell and will question your integrity. Plus, expressing your true personality – while keeping it professional, of course – will help both you and the interviewer get a sense of whether you’d be a good fit in the company culture.

Following these 5 tips can put you above many other candidates applying for the same job. Good luck!

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