A Jobseeker’s Guide to Pinterest

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Online media just can’t get enough of Pinterest right now. You may have seen it mentioned on Mashable or TechCrunch, or you might have stumbled upon it all by yourself. What is clear is that while its popularity bred initially through people sharing things like wedding ideas and arts and crafts projects, it’s currently being launched into something much more versatile and important, especially for jobseekers.

What is Pinterest?

If you’re unclear what exactly Pinterest is, it’s not hard to quickly figure it out. In short, it’s a collection of online pin boards; users create their own categorized pin boards with visual “pins,” linked from all over the Internet, which they can then share with their followers.

To sign up on Pinterest, you have to have a Facebook or Twitter account. The good news is that, unlike Facebook or Twitter, you don’t have to put time into creating a profile, or even building a following. Just login, and browse others’ pins or start pinning your own stuff.

The Pinterest-Savvy Jobseeker

Don’t let the idea of “yet another social media site” overwhelm you. Pinterest has the simplicity you want to give you the versatility you need. As a jobseeker, you’ll find that Pinterest plays the dual role of showcasing yourself as a top-notch candidate as well as providing you with valuable information. And, it lets you have a little fun in the process!

As far as showcasing yourself is concerned, your use of Pinterest will not only portray that you’re up-to-date in the latest tech trends, you can also use it to share your diverse interests as well as elements of your own portfolio and online work.

For example, say you’re a web designer, you can build boards pinning elements of websites you’ve created and projects you’ve been involved in, in addition to a couple of boards showcasing your interests in technology and design. This will help create a visual resume of sorts, giving an employer a well-rounded perspective of you.

Pinterest in your Job Search

As far as being an important resource to a jobseeker, there are three sources of information it can provide you with. First, if you follow people in similar industries, you’ll come across pins that can help widen your knowledge within your interests. For example, following fellow web designers might give you insight into new branches of web design.

Secondly, you can follow companies in the industry. Watching the pins of companies you might like to work for will give you valuable insight into what that company values, should you ever interview with them. Plus, re-pinning or commenting on their pins can help create a new relationship that could help your job search.

Finally, Pinterest provides a fun and easy way to access career resources that can help you in your job search. Join Ashley Ellis on Pinterest to check out our boards on job search advice, what to wear to the interview, job seeker humor and more!

Getting Employers to Notice

So, once you’ve created a Pinterest-style resume, how can you be sure employers will even notice? Well, as with any social media site, your presence on Pinterest won’t be of supreme important to every employer out there. And, since Pinterest is still a young site, you may find your particular audience of users is still in early stages of growth.

However, it’s still a great idea to promote your Pinterest as much as you promote, say, your LinkedIn profile. Include it on your jobseeker business cards and your resume. Mention it – when the time is right – in your interviews. Connect with companies on Pinterest itself, re-pinning and commenting on their pin boards.

Be an Early Adopter

Pinterest is still in the early phases of exponential growth, but it’s a great idea to take advantage of it right now. Feel free to join us on there, and let us know if you have any questions!

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