Extinguishing Job Burnout

June 6th, 2012 | Job Search | No Comments »

Feeling burned out? Following are tips for conquering the burnout before your boss or your interviewer catches on.

Is that summer sun desperately trying to lure you from the depths of your stifling cubicle? Maybe that glaring computer screen is starting to burn its image into your retinas. Or, instead, the hoards of papers piled upon your desk are threatening to inflict several strategically placed paper cuts.

If these sound like familiar scenarios, you may be experiencing job burnout. And whether you’re looking to keep your job or you’re searching for a new one, job burnout is a fire you need to put out the minute you become aware of its heat.

Why? Because job burnout negatively impacts your productivity, energy level, and attitude, which are all important factors in both job performance and the job search. Without these three factors in your favor, you’ll likely find yourself buried in the ashes of unemployment.

With that said, here are a three simple tips for extinguishing job burnout.

Take a Break
It sounds like the easiest solution in the world, but how often do you take a real break from your work? Taking a few minutes out of your day that are completely uninterrupted by emails, phone calls, and nosey co-workers/family members should help give you the perspective you need to re-energize.

Stay Healthy
From your crumby Doritos habit to your nightly dates hand in hand with the TV remote, a couch-potato lifestyle is only going to perpetuate your job burnout. Squeezing in a weekly workout or munching on a handful of veggies can help your body get your brain where it needs to be.

Switch It Up

Laboring over the same tasks at the same desk under the same schedule day in and day out would drive anyone into the depths of a burnout. So shake things up a bit. Take a different route to work. Flip your morning and afternoon tasks. Take your work out of the office if you can. Getting your brain out of the familiar grind will give it room for creativity, and creativity is often the key to extinguishing burnout.

These three basic tips can take you in countless directions on the route to reversing your burnout. Once you’ve met those piles of papers with fresh eyes, taken a refreshing break from your computer, and enjoyed that summer sun for a few moments, you’ll find yourself much more productive, energetic, and positive, and on your way to a happier work experience.

By Clare Saumell