Are Thank You Letters Really Necessary?

July 23rd, 2012 | Interviewing | No Comments »

In short, yes; thank you letters are necessary.

When on the hunt for a new job, it is important to always remember the power of a sincere thank you. Before the interview, after the interview, and when you finally get the job, saying “thank you” is the way to go. You demonstrate your genuine gratitude, portray yourself as a friendly, conscientious person, & make it known that that you still care about the position. After the interview, email & physical mail tend to make the greatest impression, showing you have initiative & creativity at your disposal. This can give you an edge over less thoughtful candidates.

Before sending out the letter, make sure to meticulously review your spelling, phrasing, & sentence structure to avoid any errors. This can have a counter effect to your ultimate goal.

As far as the content goes, make it specific & make it concise. Address your letter to the person you interviewed with for the position – this is where having asked for a business card will come in handy – and refer back to specific tidbits about the company & the interview process. Explicitly reaffirm your interest in the position & express your appreciation for the opportunity.

Do not add much more than this. The more text you have on the page, the greater chance there is to write in a faux pas. The last thing you want to do is waste all of your goodwill with what was supposed to be a well-meaning thank you letter.

So when you have your shot, show that you care & put some time into a thoughtful, concise thank you letter.

Image courtesy of muffintinmom on flickr