How to Effectively Apply for Jobs!

August 16th, 2012 | Job Search, Resume | 1 Comment »


Learn how to approach your applications and the importance of customizing resumes & cover letters.

You begin your quest for a new job, plopping down in front of your computer to do the application grunt work. Going through job boards, you find countless diverse opportunities. Some pertain to your past experience and others are interesting potentials. After reviewing the list, you have to make an important decision: how should you approach the application process?

When it comes to volume, you want to strike up a strong balance. Too few applications and you limit your opportunities; too many and you needlessly exhaust yourself. The key to sending out effective applications is to create a focused number of customized submissions for relevant positions.

Start by taking a critical look at your experience, skills, & career path and apply for positions that correspond. Sending out scattershot applications to scores of companies does you little good. Your time is better suited pursuing jobs that suit you. Don’t waste unnecessary energy, taking away from more fruitful applications & your own personal time.

To have the greatest effect, make sure to cater your submissions to each individual employer & position. When writing your resume & cover letter, you should never rely on stock pieces. You need to integrate keywords & relevant experiences into both resume & cover letter, highlighting your pertinent assets for hiring managers. You boost your chances just by using a little analysis before hitting the submit button.

Ultimately, when applying, the key to success is striking up a balance and upping the eye-catching potency of your written work. The more you add relevant keywords and specific details, the better off your application materials will be.

By James Walsh

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