6 Things to Know Before an Interview!

There is critical information you should know before any interview. Preparing for the interview gives you an edge and reading through these 6 tips can increase your chances of hiring success.

1.) What the Company Does: This seems an obvious first step but the most common mistake that job seekers make during the interview process is not researching the company. Companies want you to be passionate about what they have to offer. They want you to eagerly pursue any information you can about who they are and what they do. Nothing suggests utter disinterest in the company quite like walking in without any prior prep work. If you cannot hold an intelligible conversation about the company’s products, solutions, or industry, you might as well just stay home.

2.) What You Will Be Doing: What are the primary duties of the job? Which of your skills will be called upon most? Which skills are you going to need to pick up? This information can help you prepare pertinent responses to questions about your experience and ready yourself for any preliminary tests the company may have you complete.

3.) Who Will Be Interviewing You: When a company expresses interest in you, make sure to find out who will be in charge of your interview. Once, you know your interviewer’s name, do a little research. Learn about that person from the company’s website or from your interviewer’s Linkedin page. Knowledge is power and any little tidbit you can obtain may later pay off in spades.

4.) Where the Interview Will Be Held: Of course, knowing the address is an obvious must but many people do not take the time to think about the environment they will be entering. Whether the interview is held in the company’s offices, a coffee shop, or a sports bar, there are certain conditions you will have to deal with and acknowledging those conditions in advance will help to address them when they occur.

5.) What is the Company Culture: The existing company culture can predict the way you interact with and are treated by management. Plus, this knowledge is a great way to learn whether or not this company is the right fit. Advanced research can even help you ask more informed questions during the interview. For more information on this topic, click here.

6.) What Obstacles the Industry is Facing: This is a great way to prove your worth. By researching prevalent industry obstacles, you can instantly demonstrate your worth during the interview. You can propose ways to eliminate business impediments, explaining how you and you alone can surmount these challenges. The idea here is to not completely reveal your hand. That way, you can create some intrigue without giving away your ideas for free.

by James Walsh

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