Tips on seasonal hiring!

September 4th, 2012 | Articles, Job Search | No Comments »

Hiring changes with the seasons: some months see greater hiring than others! Get the inside scoop on the rationale and get to applying right away.

With August quickly diminishing in our rearview mirror, we leave behind peak vacation months and enter a solid stretch of uninterrupted work weeks. By this time, people have either used their vacation days or have decided to conserve those days for late November up until the year’s end. Everyone is back to work. For eager job seekers like you this is a critical time to return to the work of your job search.

You may be saying to yourself “Why now? What makes these next few months so important? Come on, football just came back on!” That’s unbelievably true but you can’t miss out on the opportunities over the next few months. Here are a few reasons why:

• With fewer employees & members of management on vacation, there are greater numbers of mission-critical people in the office at any given time. Hiring managers can more easily coordinate with the appropriate parties, running through candidates to determine who will make the best fit, when departmental heads are present. These decisions can be made with informed insight, so nothing is holding these companies back.

• Critical end of year projects require invigorated new blood. To surge across the finish line before the fiscal year ends, managers need to obtain contract, contract-to-hire, & permanent employees left and right. Regardless of your desired work situation, there is probably a job and hiring arrangement that fits your needs perfectly.

• When adding new employees to the team, there is a necessary transitional phase when that new person has to acclimate to the environment, the goals, & the expectations. Even for those ideal people who can hit the ground running, it helps to provide some guidance during the opening stages of their career with the company. In November & December, there are so many other obligations that employers have a hard time sparing the time to integrate new team members. If you are hired and start soon, you will have ample time to properly integrate, experiencing a smoother transition than you would have otherwise.

The Bottom Line: During September & October, keeping a steady flow of applications leaving your outbox can connect you with a greater number of jobs. More hiring managers are looking to staff for critical projects and, if you send through a great, eye-catching resume, you may be the standout person who snags that perfect job!

by James Walsh