4 ways to make Halloween at the office a blast!

October 16th, 2012 | Articles, Workplace Resources | No Comments »

Are you excited about dressing up for Halloween in the office? Take these tips to heart as you begin to put your costume together for October 31st!

Halloween at the office can be incredibly fun! You can gorge on candy at your desk, bond over unique costumes with your office mates, and push your creativity in fun and unexpected ways. Remember that unlike the chaotic parties of your college days or the nearly absent dress code of the local bar scene, there are a few friendly guidelines to maintain while letting loose with your fellow ghouls around the office.

Stay classy, San Diego: Playing chicken with exhibitionism is not the way of office Halloween. Now, I’m not exclusively recommending gorilla costumes or walking censorship bars but you should definitely save your studly tech support or sexy C++ Developer costume for after hours. Your coworkers will definitely feel more comfortable on the job if you don’t dress like fodder for a B-Grade slasher film.

Along the same lines, do not dress like anything excessively gruesome or post mortem. You don’t always know the levels of gore your coworkers can tolerate and you don’t want to push anyone to the brink of physical illness. So, save your detailed recreation of Walking Dead’s Zombie #432 for another day.

Stray from controversial topics: If your costume alludes to something in heavy rotation within the news cycle, stop while you’re ahead. More often than not, it’s going to push someone’s buttons and lead to an awkward time standing around the old punchbowl.

Keep comfortable: Have you ever tried sitting at your desk dressed as a fairy godmother with a ball gown & bustle? How about typing dressed as one of the droids from Star Wars? It’s more of a trick than you’d think. When picking out your costume, remember that you’re still going to be at work and will need to be physically capable of sitting, typing, or whatever else you normally do. So, pick a costume with mobility. As much as it pains me to say it, the two person horse costume needs to be stabled until you get off for the day.

Be creative: The main thing to keep in mind is that more often than not, the favorite costume of the day isn’t the most gruesome, shocking, or controversial (those costumes become notorious in their own right). It’s the costume that gets a good laugh from everyone. It could be an office inside joke or a witty take on something more traditional. You don’t have to freak people out or blow your entire paycheck; you simply need to harness the power of your (delicious) brain and get the party started with style, tact, and great wit.

by James Walsh