Food for Thought: Keeping your references in the loop!

References are a key element to a job seeker’s success, so why not show them your true appreciation?

Finally, after all the resumes, rigorous interviews with increasingly senior members of the company, and time-consuming aptitude tests, you’ve finally landed a job that excites you! The trials are over and now it’s time to transition into your new job. Before you prepare for a self-congratulatory dinner or drink, remember to thank those who’ve helped you along the way: your references.

When you need character witnesses, these are the people you know will have your best interests at heart. They may be lifelong friends, former teachers, employees, employers, or members of your community outreach group but whomever they are, they are still invested in your success. So, you need to let them know your genuine appreciation whenever they come through for you.

Soon after you’ve accepted the position, you should send out some form of thank you to each person. It could be in the form of an email, a hand-written letter, or a cheddar cheese bust in their likeness (which you should ship with care). You should make your thank you personal, a.k.a something more than a stock letter you stripped from the internet. Cater each thank you to each individual person and provide them with details about how their rave reviews have directly contributed to your success. By defining the positive impact of their comments, you will be subliminally reinforcing their actions and, hopefully, encouraging them to support you in the future. Remember, you can never have too many people in your corner at a moment’s notice!

by James Walsh

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