How to Get Noticed!

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By Amanda Turner, IT Search Executive at Ashley Ellis Raleigh

So, you’ve written the resume and sent it out. But you’ve gotten no responses – or worse, a bunch of spam and scam responses.

What went wrong?

I talk to Hiring Managers and heads of HR all day and let me tell you they are busy people.
Human Resources normally handle all hiring and internal issues for the entire company, even the smaller companies have a busy HR representative.

Hiring Managers? Even busier. Not only do they have a department to run but if they’re actively hiring it means that they’re most likely missing at least one member of their staff which gives them even more to do.
Both of these groups are too important in their roles and too busy to read hundreds of detailed resumes.

What does this mean?

On average you have 8 seconds worth of resume to make an impact. That means that within 8 seconds of picking up your resume from that stack on their desk, the HR rep or Hiring Manager will decide whether or not to move forward with you. If they don’t see something that catches their eye they will move on to the next person.

Before you start crying that this process isn’t fair, think of it from your own perspective. You make snap judgments based on content daily whether it’s an article you choose not to read because the headline isn’t catchy enough or a new novel with a poorly written synopsis.

So, ask yourself: What does your headline and synopsis say about you in 8 seconds?

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