How to set strong career goals!

October 11th, 2012 | Interviewing, Job Search, Resume | No Comments »

Focusing on the strength of your career goal tactics can make all the difference between success and disappointment. By following the rules below, you will see the best results and make a genuine difference in you career!

We all know the importance of setting career goals but how we make them anything more than well-intentioned pipe-dreams is where the difficulty lies. Anyone can come up with vague, vaporous career goals (we’ve all created New Year’s resolutions that have flopped) but truly successful job seekers can set goals that make a change in their lives and propel themselves across the finish line. To join the ranks of the successful, here are a few clear guidelines that can get you on the path to a great career!

Make your goals specific: When goals lack structured definition, most people have a difficult time determining how far to push themselves. Quantifiable goals, in which you can definitively measure your progress, allow you to fix a point on the horizon and put all your energy into reaching that goal. By saying, “I will run a large-scale data network for a non-for-profit within the next 5 years,” or “Within 3 years, I will advance to the role of Sr. Mechanical Engineer and run my firm’s MEP projects,” you provide yourself with a timetable and create a greater sense of urgency in your work. You will push yourself harder to reach that goal and, even if you fall short, will have covered more ground than you would have otherwise!

Set attainable goals: Your goals should be realistic, providing yourself with time frames and job titles that you can seriously achieve. If you aim is to run the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in a year’s time, you are almost deliberately courting failure. When you are setting your career goals, be objective. Take a look at your starting point, analyze your current resources & skills, and determine whether or not your planned ascent is anything more than idle dreaming. If so, don’t be discouraged. Just set a goal that is feasibly within your reach.

Develop short term stepping stones: Even realistic goals can at times seem imposing. They can loom before you like a never-ending mountain range with no easy end in sight. That’s where smaller milestone goals enter the picture. They can break down the many miles to your final destination into smaller, manageable waypoints. When you achieve each goal, you can measure your progress and take satisfaction in the positives steps you’ve made in the right direction.

Get others involved: Everyone needs a shot in the arm once in a while to get them back on their feet. The pursuit of your career goals is no different. When someone is willing to hold you accountable, your motivation will be all the more powerful. When searching for that right person, look to coworkers, mentors, friends, and family members for someone who will invest in your success and genuinely care when you overcome obstacles. That way, you will have a legitimate partner to help you during the hard times and cheer you on during your successes.

Keep your goals dynamic: Once you achieve your career goal, don’t end it there. Look to the next achievement and the next triumph! Those who continually set new goals feel invigorated to reach out for that next challenge and keep themselves satisfied looking to the future success to come!

by James Walsh