How to Send Thank You Letters to Group Interviews

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With group interviews (or panel interviews) becoming commonplace, job seekers are adjusting to expectations as they address their responses to several people. Though the interview dynamics change from the one-on-one structure to that of a group, the basics are still the same: be prepared, be professional, and be personable. After the interview is over though, you may be wondering: how do you handle a thank you letter with more than one interviewer?

A Speedy Response is Key

As always, you need to be prompt. If you decided to send an email, make sure you send it out in a few short days after the interview. If you are looking for added bonus points and go the traditional snail mail route, get your letters out the day of or one day after.

That way, your interaction is still fresh on their minds and your letter builds powerful goodwill as each recipient reads your fresh words of gratitude. Having grabbed a business card from each interviewer, the message should go straight to where it needs to be.

Send Out Individual Messages

From there, the most effective strategy is to send a personal letter to each member of the group. Regardless of the size (be the group 2 or 10 person teams), you need to thank every member equally. That way, when you enter as the newest member of the team, there will be zero animosity from any unintended slights.

The thank you letter, for all intents and purposes, should appear to be personal. Stock letters are always out of the question but a letter with slight variations from person to person is perfectly acceptable. Hit on all the major points across the board but address the specifics from each interviewer in a personal way. This will show that you are attentive and already working to build business relationships that will last.

When you finish off each letter, you should redouble your efforts to express your interest in the position and offer each person the opportunity to ask you any further questions. That way, when the thank you letter is added to the whole picture of your candidacy, each group member will see a unified theme – your genuine dedication to their cause – and do their best to bring you into the company fold!

by James Walsh

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