5 Tips to Find a Great Job During the Holiday Season!

December 19th, 2012 | Articles, Job Search | No Comments »

While others are winding down for the holiday season, keep your search up & ring in the new year with a new job!

For all of you job seekers looking to wind down your search during the holiday season, think again. Hiring managers across industries regularly use the winter months to replenish the talent in their departments with new, invigorated employees. They have funds available, through departmental money set to expire or upcoming 2013 budgets, and are eager to jump into the hiring process. Either way, as other job seekers hibernate for the winter, you can be awake at the forefront of the employment search, considerably increasing your chances of landing a job.

Keep at it: Fight against the urge to simply sit back, relax, and sleep off the tranquilizing effects of holiday smorgasbords. Keep your eyes peeled on job boards as the influx of new positions continues escalate upwards. Maintain regular contact with hiring managers to express your continued interest in their open opportunities. You can even partner with a recruiter to find opportunities that companies don’t always openly advertise. These techniques are all the more important while other job seekers are sleeping on the job.

Network whenever you can: As you’re making merry with friends and family, don’t forget to utilize your social network to help you ring in the New Year with a new job. Have a casual script prepared that you can use to segue into a discussion of your job search. That way, when you broach the topic in conversation, it doesn’t seem forced, desperate, or aimless. Family, friends, and even acquaintances will be more inclined to help you out if you sound as if you have a solid game plan.

Remain connected to your references: Companies that decide to add new people during the holiday season are often focused upon streamlining hiring during an already hectic time. If they take an interest in you, they’ll want to expedite the process, so make sure to have your retinue of references briefed and at the ready. Even if you haven’t lined up an interview quite yet, reinforce any amicable relations with your references through a quick greeting card. You can wish them happy holidays, update them on your life, and validate their importance in your continued success.

Open yourself up to temporary positions: If you are encountering roadblocks trying to find a permanent position to fit your needs, don’t be afraid to investigate contract-to-hire opportunities. Many employers are looking for a permanent staff but do not want to be burned if the relationship ends up being a less than ideal fit. Contract-to-hire positions are often test runs and can earn a hardworking, competent person like you a permanent spot.

Keep yourself refreshed: As with any successful job search, your efforts deserve a break every once in a while. Don’t completely chain yourself to your computer for hours upon hours of searching during the full swing of holiday festivities. Enjoy your time at various parties, visit family members you haven’t seen in ages, and find time to sit down and break up the great work you’re doing. That way, you can shortly return to the process, revitalized to do what needs to be done to succeed.

So, keep persistent, connected, open to different opportunities, and most of all, happy & healthy during this holiday season!

by James Walsh