5 Tips to Working with a Recruiter

February 28th, 2013 | Articles, Job Search | No Comments »

When you decide to work with a recruiter, there are a few tips that will help you to make the most of your partnership. Read below to find out!

Whether a recruiter fortuitously calls you out of the blue or you proactively connect with one, your job seeker/recruiter relationship should never be one sided. Though your recruiter may take the lead, you need to follow suit with every movement he or she makes. So, to add extra power to your job search results, follow these tips to stay synched up with your professional partner.

Have a Good Idea of Your Needs: Before you begin your collaboration with any recruiter, sit down (independently or with a loved one) and consider which conditions you can adjust to and which conditions are outright deal-breakers. Determine how long you are willing to commute to & travel for any job, whether you’d relocate, and which benefits are pivotal to you accepting an offer. Once you establish your criteria, you’ll be able to address your needs in a straightforward way from the start, giving your recruiter a rubric to guide the search for that ideal position.

Be Open& Honest: Recruiters are at their most effective when you provide them with real transparency. On top of the aforementioned needs, things like your job history, previous pay scale, where you’ve applied, where other recruiters have presented you, and countless other tidbits are essential for your recruiter to take potent actions on your behalf. Essentially, your recruiter is your mouth piece and insider advocate to your prospective employers – you don’t want him or her misspeaking or redundantly promoting you to uninterested parties. Inaccurate information often forces opportunities to taper off into nothing before they have a chance to ignite. So, be honest from the start and avoid any unnecessary hiccups in your job search.

Act with a Sense of Urgency: Opportunities open & close in the time it takes to reboot your computer, so you need to make time to commune with your recruiter. When you receive a call, never let more than a day go by without returning the favor. Any large gap between rap sessions allows for the introduction of new, outside factors that can adversely impact your chances of success. If you haven’t heard from your recruiter in a decent stretch, give him or her a call. Even the most attentive recruiters can get caught up in projects. Plus, your friendly call or email might coincide perfectly with the emergence of an exciting prospect that can change your life.

Research Each Opportunity: Company research is critical to any successful job search. When you know intricate details about the organization you’re courting, you will have a much better chance of success. Job searches with the aid of a recruiter are no different. By getting yourself moving and actively researching any opportunity presented you, you do yourself a twofold favor. First, you quickly weed out the companies that do not meet your personal criteria. Second, you stock yourself up with valuable information that will improve the quality of your interview and distinguish you as a clear frontrunner among the other contenders.

Keep in Touch: Finally, when all of your mutual hard work pays off and you land a job, don’t allow the lines of communication to dissolve over time. A talented recruiter is a great person to have in your network. That way, even if you’re not actively on the hunt, you can assist those in your professional circle to make a grade A connection. Plus, if you end up on the job market yet again, you’ll have a long time partner who won’t miss a beat and will do all in his or her power to get you back on your feet!

by James Walsh