Why You Should Learn about Cloud Computing Now!

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Get your head in cloud computing and open up a whole new world of exciting possibilities!

Cloud computing is not just a passing technological trend that will disappear with the next strong wind; it’s the next evolution in an established IT paradigm. Competitive companies are aware of that fact and are latching on to virtual servers to help them transcend into faster, stronger, more efficient business operations. According to a Microsoft sponsored white paper report, cloud ready professionals will increase in demand by 26 percent each year through 2015. At that point, open cloud computing positions will number up to 7 million yet many of them may remain unfilled.

Last year, over 1.7 million jobs were left vacant as hiring managers ran afoul of an insufficient talent pool. These weren’t just cloud architect positions; government agencies & big enterprises were looking for the full spectrum of cloud savvy IT professionals to help them adopt software, platforms, and infrastructures as virtual services. With that kind of talent gap, there are substantial opportunities available to industrious professionals who can keep up as the industry undergoes endemic changes:

Cloud Systems Administrators: As greater numbers of services and apps are transplanted from desktop locations onto the cloud, any cloud savvy administrators will become indispensable to the upkeep of business efficiency. Systems will be under greater duress and will need the oversight of someone who can keep virtual servers running harmoniously.

IT Security: As databases and infrastructures outgrow outmoded layouts, the talents of IT Security pros will be called upon to tighten access protocols and ensure that information isn’t leaking out as if through the holes in a sieve. With multiple users of varying clearances operating off of a centralized program, there will be new ways to exploit the system and a greater need for vigilant teams to close loopholes.

Software Developers: Both new and legacy apps will require software developers to have a broader understanding of the implications of cloud computing. With hundreds of users pulling services in hundreds of directions, developers’ handiwork will be subject to greater stresses than ever before. Code architecture will need greater elasticity to accommodate the fluctuating number of users across software-as-a-service (SaaS), platforms-as-a-service (PaaS), or infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) creations at any given time.

Quality Assurance: With entire companies accessing services from one location, only the highest quality can be accepted in each cloud computing solution. Cloud savvy QAs will double & triple check programs to make sure that only seamless structures make it to the inaugural launch.

So, to avoid fossilization before your time, the obvious answer is to certify yourself as soon as possible. With this technology as popular as it is, you have several avenues down which to pursue virtual server knowledge. IBM, Microsoft, VMware, CompTIA, Google Apps, and countless others all provide courses that will get you up to par in no time flat. Remember, the sooner you act, the sooner you’ll have a shot at the 7 million cloud computing jobs bearing down on the market in just a few, short years.

by James Walsh

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  1. Karly - Server Space says:

    Great post James! You’re exactly right – cloud computing is not just a passing fad, it has revolutionised the way we store, share and manage data. Businesses can clearly benefit from this model and create a more efficient and better connected organisation.