26 Places & Ways to Lose, Misuse, & Abuse Google Glass

April 18th, 2013 | Press Releases and Industry News | No Comments »


If you are following the newsfeed on Google Glass, you know that long before an official widespread release, restrictions are already being proposed by senators, business owners, & activist groups. West Virginia’s state legislature is already discussing an amendment to ban drivers from using Glass on the road with others to follow. Some businesses are opting to forbid the use of Google Glass on their premises. For those thinking about picking up their own Google Glass, here are a few activities you may not want to pursue while wearing this device.

1.) Try to count cards in a casino.
2.) Wear them during your interview with Yahoo.
3.) Record a solar eclipse
4.) Watch cat videos while driving.
5.) Take a shower.
6.) Reenactment your favorite scene from Fight Club.
7.) Wear them around angry, technophobic mobs.
8.) Visit a public bathroom.
9.) Record your White House Tour.
10.) Google your blind date without his/her permission.
11.) Take Glass into your next MRI.
12.) Bootleg the next Fast & Furious movie.
13.) Bob for apples.
14.) Stand outside of your neighbor’s window.
15.) Record someone’s ATM pin.
16.) Play dodgeball.
17.) Sit in a dunk tank.
18.) Spy on your classmates during final exams.
19.) Wear them into fancy restaurants.
20.) Attend an AA Meeting.
21.) Hop in a wind tunnel.
22.) Record a court session.
23.) Ride on the Tilt-a-whirl.
24.) Take pictures of your neighbor’s voting ballot.
25.) Attend a Skull & Bones meeting.
26.) Walk into the eye of a hurricane.

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