How Acting Like a Child Can Help You Succeed at Work

April 29th, 2013 | Articles, Food for Thought, Job Search | No Comments »

Sure, children are stubborn, whiny, and often hard to deal with. They also possess some of the most fearless and creative minds in the world, a trait that should be made second nature to anyone in the workforce. Strange as it may sound, there are many traits that children have that can be useful when applied correctly to your work, and they don’t involve throwing tantrums or picking your nose.

Children do not take no for an answer

If you have ever told a child they can’t do something you will know that they rarely take no for an answer. This stubborn trait can prove useful at work. “It cannot be done” and “It’s just not possible” are the two worst replies you can hear when you put forth an idea at work, but they are not always binding. Stubborn determination helps when trying to perfect an idea, and refusing to take no for an answer allows for future breakthroughs. It may not be possible now, but with some dedication you can make it possible down the road.

Children have no fear

Remember speeding down a hill on your bicycle without any thought of possible consequences? That is because as a child you do not know what it’s like to fall, and are therefore fearless. As adults the fear of failure holds us back from trying new things or stepping out of our comfort zone. The trick is to be fearless and confident in your endeavors. When you come across a project that you may fail at, take it on anyway. Try something different, try something new, then try some more. Even Edison failed thousands of times before he perfected the light bulb.

Children do not know how to make mistakes

My high school art teacher once told me that children make the best artists because they have yet to learn the “right way” of doing things. While every line an adult draws is filled with doubt, children draw directly from their imagination. Only after we have unlearned the “right” ways to do things can we truly create. Innovative technology is created by people who refuse to do things the ordinary and old fashioned ways. It always stems from a “what if”. Sometimes problems at work require a bit of out of the box thinking to solve, and the only way to innovate is to erase the barriers of right and wrong. Free your imagination.

Children see everything in a new, fresh ways

Have you ever watched a child turn a stick into a gun, a sword, a magic wand, or whatever else they want it to be? Everything has endless possibilities for a child. Take a look around at what you have to work with. Start utilizing your resources in new ways, or create new resources out of tools you wouldn’t imagine using. Once you start experimenting you open up limitless possibilities. How are you not using your skills, your computer, or the Internet to your fullest advantage?

Children view the world as a playground

To a child the world is a playground and everything therein is a toy. Something as simple as bubbles can be the most enjoyable thing in the world. Have some fun with your projects at work and you will find yourself more motivated to work on them. There is always enjoyment hiding in what you do, you just have to find it. Start seeing taking a look at your world with a renewed sense of vigor. You will be much happier with the results of your hard work.

By Kevin Withers