Job Skills You Didn’t Know You Had

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One of the primary interview objectives of hiring mangers is to learn what skills you possess and how they relate to the job in which you are applying for. Elaborating on your qualifications is a must, but many job seekers leave out important skills that can set them apart from the pack. The trouble is that job seekers do not even know that they have a variety of experiences that can help them prove their worth to a company, and they don’t even have to be industry related.

After you have made it clear that you have met the basic requirements for the job, you can further help your chances by highlighting additional skills rooted in unrelated work/life experiences. These hidden skills can make you more a more unique and attractive candidate for any position, and can range from:

• Problem Solving
• Critical Thinking and Analysis
• Creativity
• Conflict Resolution
• Organization and Optimization
• Managing projects or people

The trick to relating any of these skills to a particular job is to reveal them through stories comprised of three parts.

The Problem

This is where you underline a particular problem or issue that you have faced. It can come from either your work or personal life. Just keep it positive (this isn’t the time to bring up how you handled your divorce). Let’s say you hit a rough patch on in your life where you had to survive on a minimum budget.

The Solution

This is where you focus on the particular skills or methods that you used to solve the problem. Perhaps you cut back on spending by eliminating unnecessary expenditures. Now you have shown that you can operate on a budget. Perhaps you found new uses for the things you already own, or created something you needed from certain things you already had. Now you have shown that you are creative and resourceful. As long as you show how you intuitively solved the problem you will demonstrate skills that your employer, and perhaps you, didn’t know that you had.

The Tie In

The final part of the story should explain how these skills relate to the job in which you are applying for. Why does the hiring manager care that you were able to use smart, creative, and resourceful strategies to pull yourself out of a budget crisis? It is up to you to tie it all together and convince the hiring manager how will these skills will make you the most qualified for the position.

Everyone has skills that can relate to any position, but not everyone realizes it. You can use any number of personal or professional stories to demonstrate that you possess any number of relevant skills. All you need to do is search your mind for stories that show why you are the best fit for the job.

By Kevin Withers

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