The Importance of Writing Skills to Your Career

May 9th, 2013 | Articles, Job Search, Resume, Workplace Resources | 1 Comment »

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Whether you are working in or looking to break into the Information Technology industry, possessing excellent writing skills is important. But with so much focus on math and sciences in college it is easy to brush off English courses, and most universities only require math and science majors to take one or two classes. However there are not many jobs in any industry that do not require good writing skills, and poor skills may even leave you at a disadvantage when searching for employment.

Why are writing skills even necessary?

If you have ever struggled to write a cover letter, resume, or anything related to your career you should know the importance of good writing. Every career path requires its workers to write notes, memos, emails, and reports, all of which require good writing skills to effectively communicate a certain set of ideas. Poor writing skills can be a red flag to employers that you are not fit for management positions, and are often read as signs of lower intelligence.

When it comes to searching for jobs writing skills are crucial to making a good first impression. You only have a limited amount of space in your cover letter to impress potential employers, and good writing can maximize your chances of getting to the next stage. How are you to write an effective cover letter without proper grammar and a coherent writing style?

Unfortunately many job seekers fail in this regard. Cover letters that contain grammatical errors or lack style can doom your chances right out of the gate. If you have ever submitted an application and failed to make it to the interview stage you have to wonder why. It may be that your writing skills are not up to par.

What can be done to solve this problem?

You don’t have to be an expert in Linguistics or grammar to help your career. It is not necessary to learn the Latin and Greek origins of words, nor is it sensible to know the definition of a gerund or apostrophe (it’s not just the little symbol that combines words or forms possessives). What can help is for you to learn some basic grammatical uses of proper punctuation, sentence structure, and style.

The best way to practice your writing skills is to read everything you can get your hands on. Great writers read daily. Whether you are reading novels, magazines, newspapers, or scientific studies you are still learning proper style through repetition. If you find yourself struggling and need some practice there are a number of books on grammar and style that you can purchase to practice your skills.

The worst thing that you can do is let your basic writing skills get in the way of you finding a job or advancing your career. Just because you are better with numbers than words doesn’t mean that you have to disregard any all uses for the written word. So practice those writing skills. Your career will thank you for it.

By Kevin Withers

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